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Many users had compaint about the security system is not as secure as we think, somehow the malfunctioning of security system, false alarms from animal, such as dogs and cats, etc., had bring a lot of trouble to the users. Of course if you go through the expense and inconvenience of having a security system installed in your home or business, you will want it to be as reliable as possible for obvious reasons. 

Security System - Home & Family Protection
To start with, you want it to do what it is supposed to do and if there is any weakness in the system, you don't want to be the last one to find out about it. You also don't want to have a false sense of security, that is going to leave you even more vulnerable to being victimized then you already are.
Can it really be as easy to disarm a security systems as they make it look in those TV crime thrillers where the bad guy simply cuts a wire to bypass the security system? The true answer is that with older systems it can be even easier then that, because many dated systems can be bypassed by simply cutting the phone line of turning off the homes power at the fuse box.
The good news is the a modern, up to date security system, is almost virtually impossible to bypass and in fact has multiple layers of security just in case one layer is bypassed. With the advent of newer state of the art technology, your security system can begin to protect you and your family outside, along the perimeter of your home, with a security zone that wraps completely around your residence. It's manned by super-high tech infrared and motion detectors that can pick up a persons body heat and movements from thirty-five feet out and won't give false alarms.
These sensors are impossible to see when they are hidden and function in any type of weather, day or night. So that is the first layer of security and the second one is on the windows and doors of your home. New technological improvements in trigger sensors for windows and doors have made them far more secure, with wireless technology. They transmit signals to the control panel by radio waves, so there simply is no longer any wires to cut like you saw in the movies. 
Their batteries last up to three years and they will automatically signal the control panel when they run low, so there is never a chance of a dead battery. Then there is yet a third layer of high tech security on the interior of the home or business that is made up of the same type of wireless sensors that make up the first layer on the outside of the home or business.
For many types of commercial businesses and also for some home owners, there is always the concern that someone my hide out inside during the day with a plan to do their nefarious work at night after the alarm has been set. With infrared and motion sensors located inside of the building, anyone that is there will instantly trip the system and sound the alarm. All of this has a back-up battery powers source that can run the entire security system for weeks if the main power is ever shut off.
Before you spend a penny on a new security system, think about what you need, and what you will be getting. Are you getting the best products, monitoring and customer service? Do you really trust the company you are buying from? Protecting your home is your biggest responsibility, and you should make sure you choose a company you can trust, not the one with the biggest advertising budget.

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