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Crime is a pandemic that is fast taking over the world. With the recession in the world's economy; fraud, corruption, theft, falsehood and violent crime is rampant. In realizing that hurt people hurt others, one should understand that the chances of one becoming a victim of crime is no longer a mere possibility, but a reality. The purpose of this article is to advise people on how to close up some of the loopholes in their private lives that may enable potential criminals the opportunity to penetrate.

Remember, a fort with weak cornerstones is no fort at all and a castle built on sand will come crumbling down in no time. Naivety is a thing of the past and society should rather be acquiring skills in risk management, strategic living and be seeking wisdom above all else. It is not the intent of this article to raise fear amongst its readers, but to rather serve as a practical preventative survival methodology.

Keep life in perspective. One can elevate one thing (often an unimportant thing) over what matters in life in no time. This could be money, a relationship, an asset, a job or a person. Conduct a priority check on a regular basis to ensure you have life in perspective and that nothing that you value has become out of sync in relation to the rest of life. This could place you at a risk of becoming a victim of crime. Potential criminals often study their victims and view areas where the victim is highly emotionally invested as a possible weak link for penetration.

Protect your vulnerability. Vulnerability is beneficial as it keeps you connected with your 'humanness'. In current society, vulnerability should be run through a sieve of wisdom before being expressed. The reasons for this suggestion ties in with the point mentioned above.

Carefully chose the company you keep. It has been said that 'bad company corrupts good character'. This is true. People also judge you on the company you keep. Often however, the seemingly most innocent person can turn out to be the most vicious at heart when provoked. This is therefore not a foolproof methodology, but one should keep a smaller circle of close friends whose actions and lifestyle you have observed in a variety of circumstances as opposed to exposing yourself to a large community of people without applying good judgement.

Avoid allowing strangers into your home or closed living space. Communes and buddy-living are fast becoming a thing of the past. Bachelor apartments are in for those who prefer to go solo and families are even fast reducing their living space. This simple living concept is supported by those encouraging the prevention of crime. The reason for suggesting this is that you can easily invite a vicious criminal into your home or onto your property without being aware of it. Don't pick up strangers and invite them into your home. Don't easily go home with strangers either.

Spend a little extra money on home security. This depends on the area you live in. Some areas are more prone to crime than others and therefore this needs to be placed into perspective. Comply with your Insurance Companies' minimum security requirements. Insurance Companies have a large database of losses per area that are made available to them. The better Companies make security suggestions to their clients based on loss history specific to the area they reside in. Although not foolproof, precautionary measures are recommended for a reason. Try and have a little more security fitted than your neighbours. The reason for this is their house may seem more attractive to an opportunist potential thief or armed robber at crunch time. Click to read more.

Home security systems: should you have one?

Home safety and security is a top concern for most consumers, so it's no surprise the home security industry is booming in this time of economic uncertainty and rising crime statistics. But while new technologies have made home security systems smarter and easier to use, how much protection do you really get for your money?

The answer is: it depends. Costs, services and benefits are as varied as the ways burglars try to break into a house. If you're monitoring the home security market for the right system to protect your family and your property, here are answers to the big questions about home security alarm systems. Click to read more.

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