Wednesday, November 26, 2014


On the beginning of this month, we have touched a little regarding the Autogate System (Automatic Gate). By understanding the difference types of Autogate in the market, perhaps, someone might asking, why do we need Autogate?

Why Install an Autogate System?

Security: Security is playing a large part in choosing to install an electric auto gate system at either your home or business premises. Electrically controlled gates (swing arm, sliding gate) are a serious deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. In conjunction with a video or audio intercom, you can control who has access to your premises from the safety of your home or office. You can effectively move your first line of defense to your gateway rather than your front door.

Convenience: Look at driveways with wrought iron or wooden gates. How many are left open? If one of your reasons for installing autogates was for security, you've wasted your money if you can't be bothered to get out of the car to close them every day. Both metal and wooden gates can be very heavy and difficult to open and close so automating them may be a necessity for some. Freeing yourself from this chore has to be by far the most common reason for installing automatic gates. Imagine coming home on a dark, stormy night. Now imagine being able to open the gates from the comfort, warmth and safety of your car and then close them safely behind you.

Practicality:  Talking of busy roads, do motorists use your driveway to turn their cars around or worse park? Do you have children and would you prefer to keep them safely behind your auto gate and away from the road or people passing by? What about your dog? You can have your gates close automatically behind you so that you don't have to remember to close them and jeopardise your children or pets' safety.

Sliding Autogate

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  1. Great post! by the way, CCTV Cameras is also important part of security! by the way, here I have an article would like to share with you too! KL Needs More CCTV

  2. I just thinka to install an Autogate, just wonder, is sliding Autogate or swing arm autogate is more better?