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Besides being used as a storage space for valuables or vehicles, your garage is also an entrance to your home. And it can be a popular entry point for burglars because neighbors won’t think much of an open garage with a truck or van pulled inside.

Never leave the garage door open – How many times have you driven down your street and seen open garage doors? We have even observed garage doors left open all day. Even if you think your neighborhood is “safe,” this is not a good idea as it invites burglars. Take the first step to secure your garage by keeping the door shut.

Never leave the garage door open
Change your door access code – Older garage door openers all came with the same garage door remote code. That means a burglar could gain access to your home by simply driving through the neighborhood and pressing a generic remote, looking for doors that open. While newer models have “rolling-code” technology that changes the code every time the door is opened, many homes still have the old openers. Protect your home and prevent burglaries by changing that code.

Change your door access code
Do not leave the opener in your car – Leaving your garage door opener in your car is like leaving your house key in your car. Someone could simply break into your vehicle and use the remote to open your garage and access your home. You can secure your garage by upgrading to a remote that attaches to your car keys so you can take it with you. 

Never leave the opener in your car
Tint, frost, or cover the windows – If your garage door has windows, you can protect your home and prevent burglaries by covering them or tinting them so a thief cannot see when your vehicle is gone. It is an even better idea to switch the door out for one without windows to avoid the chance the burglars smash the windows to gain access.

Have your window tinted, forst, or cover.
Secure the door to your home – The door between your garage and your home should be treated like your front door. Protect your home from burglaries and secure your garage by using a heavy-duty exterior door with a quality deadbolt and keeping it locked at all times. You can also install a peephole, which will allow you to check on noises in the garage without opening the door.

Secure the door to your home
Extend the perimeter of your security system – Many Atlanta and D.C. area homeowners’ security systems only extend to the door between the garage and the home. By extending your security system and including the garage as an interior space, you can protect your home and secure your garage.

Extend the perimeter of your security systems
Install motion-sensor lights – Motion-sensitive lights help deter nighttime break-ins and prevent burglaries because thieves do not like to commit their crimes while under a spotlight. 

Install motion-sensor lights
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