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VIVOTEK’s Executive Vice President, Steve Ma, once he had said: “Social and economic development have led developed and developing countries to place focal attention on the building of smart cities. However, enhancing efficiency and improving quality of life are key prerequisites for realizing a smart city. VIVOTEK demonstrates a high level of commitment to accelerate the prevalence of smart cities, putting tremendous resources into relevant research and development to consequently produce smart, simple, and superior surveillance solutions that facilitate the construction of smart living environments.”

The Taiwanese company says that it aims to promote the development of smart cities through the installation of smart, simple, and superior surveillance solutions, and thus highlights its intelligent applications, small form-factor and easy-to-use solutions, and lighting technology at the 2014 show.

Vivotek Surveillance Solutions
– Smart (Intelligent Application): To expand the camera scalability and create more benefits for customers, VIVOTEK introduces the VIVOTEK Application Development Platform (VADP); an open platform for integrating video analytics within its cameras. Several intelligent features, such as object counting, line detection, field detection, face detection, and heat map, among others, can be installed in VIVOTEK cameras, contributing to security and business efficiency. The FE8181V, VIVOTEK’s new 5-Megapixel IR fisheye fixed dome network camera comes with VADP.

VIVOTEK has developed a “Convenient Retail Solution.” This comprises the ND8321, a plug-and-play network video recorder, ultra-mini bullet network cameras, and ultra-mini dome network cameras. This not only improves the operational flow of retail stores, the company says but aids the quality of customers’ shopping experiences. VIVOTEK developed a compact Split Camera System for ATM use. This comprises recessed camera units and a video core capturing their features.

– Superior (Renowned Lighting Technologies): Low-light object identification functionalities have become a fundamental criteria in the market because of demand for the effective security and intelligent use of video footage. To offer visibility under low light conditions, VIVOTEK has designed cameras with SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) and three types of WDR, namely, WDR Enhanced, WDR Pro (100-120dB), and WDR Pro II (140dB). VIVOTEK’s latest outdoor bullet network camera, the IP8355EH, has low-light technology and WDR Pro II.

Vivotek IP8355EH
VIVOTEK has newly developed a 5-Megapixel IR fisheye fixed dome network camera, the FE8181V. This model comes with a removable IR-cut filter for daytime and nighttime use, and with a 10 metre built-in IR illuminator that delivers uniform lighting for 360 degree surround view at night. VIVOTEK’s FE8181V is undoubtedly an innovative solution for the contemporary industry.

Vivotek FE8181 & FE8181V
VIVOTEK has been collaborating with international and regional solution partners for integrating cameras onto platforms. At IFSEC, the integration of AxxonSoft, Digiever, Genetec, GVD, Milestone, NUUO, QNAP and Synology platforms and VIVOTEK’s latest products, Panoramic PTZ solution, and Smart Stream will be highlighted.

Vivotek IP Surveillance:
Vivotek Supreme IP Camera Series

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