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By installing autogate or automatic gate you are avoided from rain, shine while opening the gate without getting down the car. If you just moved into a new house and planning to choose a new gate, or change a new gate to replace current gate, there are few choice you can choose.

Autogate system is the combination of electric motor, electronic control board, gearbox, censor, and may also consist lightning protection system. Now, what kind of autogate should you choose? You can choose according to your house design. You might want a sliding autogate if your house space is enough.

Sliding Type  Autogate
A motor are were used to move the gear teeth which located bottom of sliding autogate. Sliding autogate need a longer time to open and close due to the weight of the gate. They are not suitable for all kind of houses as more spaces are needed.

Sliding Type Autogate
Swing Type Autogate
The most common type of autogate used by most of the house are swing type autogate. The modern design of swing type autogate is arm gate. Arm gate is open and closed by using a cylindrical shaped arm. It doesn’t need a motor to be buried underground. The disadvantage of swing gate is water leaking into the motor and causes damage. To avoid this problem, most of the autogate provider replaced it with swing arm.

Swing Type Autogate

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